"Think of the cloud less as a place and more as a method…"

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These days you can do almost anything there but, confusion still abounds when it comes to 'the Cloud'.

At Glacier we like to think of the cloud less as a place and more as a method.

You can buy a car, or you can lease a car.

Each method comes with its own pros and cons but, the outcome is the same… You end-up with a car!

In a similar way, cloud-based technologies do much the same as those you likely already use but, with a number of very important differences:

  • Flexibility and Scalability… When you need those additional resources to cope with the extra demand generated by that awesome deal you're offering, or, you urgently need to hire a few temps but, don't have anywhere to put them or IT equipment for them to use, you don't need to worry about how long it's going to take to get them up-and-running, or where you'll put them when you do! Servers, Desktops and other resources can often be provisioned within minutes and accessed from anywhere giving your business the power and agility to respond to any demand.
  • Features… Access (often instant) to innumerable features and benefits (ranging from a simple ability to make and transfer calls to or from your mobile phone, as though you were in the office, to enabling your business to recover from a disaster within hours, rather than days) which you may never have considered had your only option been to find the funds for a capital purchase.
  • When you move your use of a particular technology to the cloud you often benefit from a significantly higher class of hardware, software, and expertise, both in-terms of management and support. This can mean a better service, for you and for your customers, little-or-no downtime (your website selling 'widgets' will always be online), and access to experts in the (very) unlikely event something does go wrong.

Whilst there are some cases where cloud technologies aren't appropriate, where they are, there are few disadvantages.

So, if you're of the mind to swap your Berlingo for a Bugatti (or your Kia for a Koenigsegg for that matter!) get in-touch for a free and friendly chat to find out if the cloud is right for you.

And don't forget we're currently offering a complimentary consultation including a free summary report…

We come to you and there's no obligation so you really don't have anything to lose!

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